The SMARRT Approach

The SMARRT Approach

The SMARRT Approach is the tailored energy management model designed to bring together global partners in energy efficiency. This specialist energy-saving ethos brings one unique, high-quality service. We guarantee our clients the most efficient energy monitoring and control.

  • S


    Fast analysis on-site using our exclusive mobile app.

  • M


    Pin-pointed energy use and waste monitoring using Eniscope.

  • A


    Real-time cloud analysis of trends, through our software platform.

  • R


    Scrutiny of savings opportunities implementing retrofit technologies.

  • R


    Granular analysis and exhaustive reporting to inform decision making.

  • T


    High-performance by setting targets and validating success.


Fast on site analysis


Real-time trend analysis


Accurately track usage


Identify efficiency opportunities

What is SMARRT?

SMARRT was created with ISO 50001 as its underlying springboard. ISO 50001 is the internationally-recognized standard for energy management. It outlines protocols that companies should follow in managing their energy consumption, and – importantly – a goal they should aim for in energy savings. SMARRT summarizes these principles in a digestible acronym that clients and partners can follow. The global employment of the SMARRT formula is at the core of N&M Energy’s service.

If you want to know more about us and how we would apply our SMARRT Approach to your business, then please get in touch. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have by phone, via email or you can use our quick contact form.

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